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The Smythwicks line of English Springer Spaniels originated at the end of the last century when Dennis Smith began working on his line of Springers. The line was sustained for a while by his nephew, Scott Mandroli, even before Dennis' passing in 2001. A few years later, with Scott's encouragement, Bill Fawcett, who had for many years bred Brittany Spaniels under the "Smith Creek" name, picked up the torch. Uncle Dan and Springer

Notable dogs in the Smythwicks line include FC Smythwicks Slick Willy and FC AFC Smythwicks Mighty Whitey.

photo credit Chris Drazba
No doubt the Smythwicks "type" will evolve over the years, just as it did when Dennis was alive. However, we like to think, as we study the pedigrees of the past, that the breeding decisions of the future will reflect the style and talents of the foundation stock. In fact the study of these pedigrees of the past is what led to the sister website of this site - the Pedigree Fetch which contains more than 30,000 dogs in its database.

Our breeding program is not high-volume. We breed to obtain pups for our field trial program and will occasionally offer extra pups for sale.

Welcome to these pages which document and explore the "Smythwicks Spaniels". includes an on-line public database for the benefit of all. It also is contains specific information about the Smythwicks Springers. If you have Smythwicks information, stories, photos or links, please e-mail them to us.


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