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Smythwicks Sophie Sue

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If you have a Smythwicks listing for this page, email complete information to William Fawcett and it will be posted at no charge.

As space permits, non-Smythwicks postings of general interest to the Smythwicks line may be included on this page.

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Dixie (SB) and Jenna (FB)

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Breeder Testing

There are three basic tests that should be completed for all breeding stock when puppies are offered for sale: Hips, Eyes and PFK. These are the basic tests that are normally done by those particpating in the Parent Club's Breeder Education and Referral Program (BERP).

Be aware that a puppy listing on a dot-com website that states "We support the breeding guidelines of the parent club" does not necessarily mean that the individual breeders listed on that site adhere to the guildlines or are listed on the BERP list.

You must do your homework - any claims of OFA and CERF examination of the parents can be and should be verified on-line unless the testing was very recent, in which case ask the breeder for a copy of the exam paperwork.

PFK is a serious genetic disease that causes lack of stamina. Known carriers show up in the bloodlines of many popular dogs today. Those dogs may be fine, they may even be clear of the recessive gene. In order to insure that the Sire and Dam, who seem normal, are clear of any recessives, PFK testing should be done on all breeding stock - unless the sire and dam of the dog in question were tested and were clear. This is an actual DNA test and the results are definitive- if the sire and dam are genetically clear than they cannot pass on a single recessive to the pup as a carrier, or doubled up as an affected dog. The test is simple and inexpensive and any breeder should be able to supply not only assurance, but the actual documentation. This information is NOT available on-line.

Verification of hip and eye testing is simple- enter the dogs registered name or registration number into the OFA website at If hip (OFA) or eye (CERF) testing has been done, you should be able to see the results. You will need the EXACT registered name or AKC registration number. A search by partial name can often be made at the Smythwicks Pedigree Fetch site.

Verification of the CERF eye exams, and a lot of helpful information about eye probelms, is avialble at the CERF website at

If you are unable to verify the information on-line, check with the breeder, as their may be an error in the name or registration number supplied. But be aware that some breeders may have their breeding stock tested, and if the results are not good, will not send the registration and fee in. Most dogs are tested these days, so the lack of test results should raise some serious questions. This seems to happen with the eye exams more than the hip exams.

When all is said and done, sire and dam certification does not mean that your pup will be free of any health issues. However, a pup with proven sire and dam cerification is much more likely to be clear of hip, eye and PFK problems. You will have your pup for 10-15 years; do your homework and find a breeder that is taking the right steps.


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